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4 Industries that Rely on Scaffolding Services

When you think of scaffolding, your mind likely jumps straight to the construction industry, and for good reason. When we see scaffolding in action, a lot of the time it is being used to allow builders to reach those high-up spots on site.

Did you know that scaffolding is extremely versatile and can be a simple solution to a number of problems within a variety of different industries? It’s true!

Scaffolding is one of those things you probably don’t think of that often. It’s always around in some form or another, doing its job, however, scaffolding is a pretty essential component for a lot of operations being undertaken on a daily basis. As one of the safest methods to work at height, scaffolding and access platforms remain the most efficient method of reaching those difficult to access areas.

For most of us, scaffolding is probably associated with the construction industry. Appearing seemingly out of nowhere during large-scale building projects, they are pretty important to the industry, allowing us to build ever higher. Yet, to say construction scaffolding is useful only to the construction industry is to ignore its various uses throughout a whole host of other industries and sectors.

Below, we look at 4 of the main industries that utilize scaffolding on a regular basis;

1. Window cleaning

A pretty obvious one when it comes to working at height, window cleaning businesses need to be able to access a multitude of high access areas around a property. Although they may have a variety of ways they may achieve this, through climbing gear and long-reaching cleaning equipment, sometimes they may need something a little bit more sturdy. Mobile elevated work platforms, or MEWPs, are great for this kind of work due to their superior maneuverability and ability to hold equipment on the platform whilst you work.

2. Film and television

You may be surprised, but there is a whole industry devoted to scaffolding and gripping in film and television productions. From getting those high-angle shots, setting up lighting, or being used as a temporary stage, scaffolding is an essential component in the rig work that goes on behind the scenes of our favorite shows.

3. Home renovation

Although relatively similar to construction, many in the home improvement sector may not think to utilize the services of a quality scaffolder, believing it to be too small a job to require it. However, according to the Digital Journal, the rise in people carrying out home improvement projects is securing huge opportunities for growth in the scaffolding sector, meaning more and more of us are realizing its benefits when it comes to renovations. Of course, the likelihood that you will need some large-scale fabrication for your back garden extension is probably not going to be very high. However, there is a range of scaffolding styles to choose from for just this reason. For example, lightweight scaffold tower hires might be a better option due to their maneuverability and ease of use whilst still affording you the opportunity to reach those higher points around your household.

4. Surveying and civil engineering

Aside from workers using scaffolding to aid in the construction of buildings, there will be specialists looking to ensure the building is up to spec. Civil engineers and surveyors have one of the most important jobs on-site when it comes to ensuring the longevity of building projects, so will need to get up close and personal with every aspect of the structure. With a quality scaffold along the exterior of the building, surveyors and civil engineers will be able to tick off important safety checks.

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