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5 Ways To Avoid Losing Items During A Move

People have a lot of distress when it is time to make a move. Many a time, the one that tops the list is the potential for things to get broken or damaged.

Accidents can always happen, but there are things you can do to minimize the risk and keep items safe while moving.

Below are the tips that can help you in avoiding losing items during a move;

1. Pack one room at a time: This sounds stressful, right? but you’ll appreciate your diligence once you’re in your new place. You can put a few empty boxes and packing materials in each room of the home you’re vacating the space. Start at the most convenient part of the room, and work your way around the room until everything is packed.

Bonus tip: Tape a piece of paper to the inside top flap of each box. Each time you put something in the box, make a note of it on the paper. When it’s time to unpack, you’ll know exactly what’s in each box.

2. Create a proper list: The right list will make a huge difference. Don’t assume you have it all figured out in your head. You should create a master list of all of the things you are packing. As you go room by room with your packing, just make a list of the things you are packing. Make sure everything is on the list and you also list where it was packed.

3. Lable anything you lay your hands on: On each box clearly write the name of the room where it’s going to go in your new home. Do this on the top and on the sides of your boxes just for good measure. Your items may be fragile so also write “This side up” on it with arrows. If you’re really paranoid write “fragile” also just so the moving men will know for a fact breakable goods are in the box. It helps to write what’s in the box too. This way you know what part of the room something is going to go in.

For example, if you have a box of books, label it “books” and put it where you plan on putting your bookshelf.

5. Don’t send personal items on the moving truck: Even if you trust the moving company you’re using, you still don’t want to put personal belongings on the truck. You never know what will happen so keeping things like photo albums and important documents with you is smart. Keep in mind that there are also items that you can’t put on the moving truck like your alcohol, fertilizers, gardening chemicals, unsealed foods, perishable foods, and gasoline. If you aren’t sure what you can put on the truck, check with the company first. Above all else though, keep your extra cash and important documents with you. Imagine losing a birth certificate.

6. Hire an experienced moving company: definitely, I own a professional moving company, Midas Movers. But I am not making this suggestion to blow my own horn. As with anything in life, the experience can help minimize potential moving problems. An experienced moving company knows what to anticipate and what factors will pose the biggest risk. They can head off those issues before they end up breaking your stuff. Another benefit is you’ll get basic liability coverage through a moving company.

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