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Common Uses of Scaffolding in the Construction Industry

The construction industry needs to use a lot of equipment and tools to perform daily tasks without any risks. The workers need to face a lot of challenges to execute the plans created by engineers and architects. In this process, the use of scaffolding structure helps them a lot. Though one can see the application of scaffolding in various industries, construction sites are the most common of them.

Below are the common uses of scaffolds in the construction industry;

1. Access Scaffolding
As the name suggests, this type of structure is mainly used to get easy access to otherwise inaccessible areas at a construction site. You can use them for general maintenance and repair work, especially on the roof or the higher levels of a large building.

2. Wooden and bamboo scaffolding
Wood and bamboo scaffolding are more common in Asia than anywhere else in the world. These scaffoldings are notable for their flexibility and eco-responsible nature. Technicians and proficient designers construct and move through layers and stories of bamboo scaffolding while working on structures.

3. Cantilever Scaffolding
This type is ideal for sites where the ground is not prepared for common scaffolding towers. Suppose the upper area of the wall is under construction or the ground near the wall should be kept free from traffic. In these cases, a cantilever scaffolding works better and gives the workers a steady platform to execute their daily operations. When you choose the right kind of scaffolding structure for your construction project, you can have better productivity and finish the project fast.

4. Trestle Scaffolding
This is the type of scaffolding you can use inside the building. Workers use them for indoor maintenance and repair works at a height of up to 5m. Movable ladders are attached to it. Bricklayers and plasterers often use this type of structure.

5. Suspended Scaffolding
When there is a suspended platform from the roof attached with wire or chains, it is called suspended scaffolding. You can lift it up and bring it down whenever you need it with the help of that chair or wire. This type is perfect for painting, plastering, window cleaning, and repair works.

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