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How Scaffolding Has Evolved Over The Years

Scaffolding is one major part of temporary work required in the course of the construction of buildings. It provides safe working platforms at convenient heights of 1.5 meters above, and from ground level. 

The rate of building construction all over the world is immeasurable. There is always a house, hotel, school, recreational centers, etc to build. In other to ensure the efficiency and safety of workers throughout the project, scaffolding comes into the picture. 

Scaffolding has been used to build, restore, and repair buildings throughout history. The history of scaffolding is prosperous, having been used to support buildings in different cultures around the world.

Tracing back to how Scaffolding started, scaffolding was used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The Egyptians used scaffolding to build their magnificent pyramids. Scaffolds were regularly used to raise the different blocks used to create magnificent structures quickly and easily. Sources also show that the ancient Greeks also used scaffolding in their building work frequently. 

Scaffolding can be utilized in any form of construction ranging from maintenance to the repairing of buildings, bridges, and other structures. Though it is a very viable option, it is important to remember its safety and security concerns. If not handled with care, it can cause horrific accidents and serious injuries. It is one of the integral parts of the construction industry and can make your worker’s life easy.

However, scaffolding has followed us throughout history, with scaffolding taking on stronger forms and more regulation in the modern era. From the 1920s, the materials used in scaffolding really stepped up a notch. Before the 1920s, wood was regularly used as the basis of the scaffolding platforms used to repair and build buildings. After the 1920s, wood was traded in for tubular steel scaffolding.

Scaffolding has had an interesting history, from the pyramids of Egypt to the scaffolding of the modern day, scaffolding has been integral to many societies throughout history and within the world.

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