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Scaffolding Safety And Tagging

Safety is essential when it comes to scaffolding. There are various safety procedures and inspections that must take place before any work is carried out.

Following the installation of scaffolding and before first use, it is integral that the scaffold users or hirers ensure that all scaffolding has been inspected properly.

According to guidelines and regulations set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), “the scaffold users or hirers must also make sure that scaffolding is inspected regularly at an interval of no more than 7 days thereafter and following any circumstances liable to jeopardize the safety of the installation.”

One of the scaffolding inspection systems in place to ensure safety for all those using scaffolding comes in the form of scaffolding tags, otherwise known as safety tags.

Scaffolding safety tags are an important resource for the use of any type of scaffold. Scaffolds can be the source of multiple types of hazards in the workplace, including falls and falling objects. By tagging equipment, workers can know if scaffolding has been inspected or is safe to use.

Scaffolding safety tags are typically used after an inspection of the scaffold. The most common system of tagging involves using red tags for unsafe or incomplete scaffolds, and green tags for scaffolds that are ready for use.

Scaffold tags are used to protect the lives of your workers. It identifies if a scaffold is safe or unsafe for use. Follow the guidelines below when tagging scaffolds.

– Inspection and tagging of the scaffold are to be performed by a competent person experienced in the erection of the scaffold.
– A unique scaffold identification tag number must be clearly identified on all tags for tracking purposes.
– All scaffolds shall be inspected after the erection per regulatory requirements.
– All scaffold identification tags will be of solid green, yellow, or red color with black lettering.
– Front information is displayed and completed for each tag.

Different types of scaffold tags and their uses

There are 3 color tags used in scaffolding green, red and yellow.

  • Green scaffolding Tags: Green scaffolding tags indicate that a section of scaffolding has been inspected and certified as completely safe to use.
  • Yellow scaffolding Tags: Yellow scaffolding tags are usually marked CAUTION. These tags identify a piece of scaffolding or a scaffolding structure as not meeting every safety requirement. It may also mean that a worker should seek approval from a supervisor or foreman before using the scaffolding.
  • Red scaffolding tags: Red scaffolding tags are usually marked STOP. They mark a piece of scaffolding or a scaffolding structure as unsafe. Workers should not, under any circumstances, attempt to climb this scaffold and use it as a support structure, because there are safety issues or some other problem that means that it should not be used by anyone.

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