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Tips On How To Reduce Stress While Making A Move

Moving can be stressful no matter how much preparation you do beforehand. Because there are so many moving pieces, dealing with moving stress can be tricky. But have no fear! To help you learn how to make moving less stressful, I have provided a handy guide below.

1. Accept that stress is a normal part of the moving process: Overcoming moving stress starts with acceptance. If you recognize from the get-go that you are probably going to incur some stress over the course of your move, you’re less likely to let it set you back when it happens. Think about other times in your life that you’ve accepted occasional stress as a part of the process and simply worked through it, like school or your job. Stress is a natural human response to a demanding circumstance, but it isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it can even be good for you. Take it for what it is and acknowledge the feeling when it happens, but don’t let it deter you from the tasks at hand.

2. Create a master plan: One of the best tips we can offer regarding how to cope with moving involves creating a to-list. Make a list of every task you must do between now and moving day. Once you see everything you need to address, you can begin to schedule it and create due dates. Some things will be more urgent, while other tasks may be able to wait until you settle into your new digs. Let this game plan be your guiding light; make sure you hold yourself accountable to the deadlines that you have set.

3. Think ahead: There’s more to moving than just packing up your belongings. Don’t forget to think about the other aspects of moving into a new place, such as changing your mailing address, turning on the water and electricity, and picking up your keys. Add these tasks to your game plan and schedule them out in advance.

4. Have your moving cost estimated: As expected, money can be a massive stressor during a house move. You’ve heard or read from reliable sources that moving is expensive and that professional movers charge much money for their services. To make things worse, you don’t know how much your move will cost you in the end. To reduce the stress of moving, you just have to know how much money you’ll need to cover all the moving expenses.

5. Hire top-rated professional movers: Without a doubt, the best way to avoid stress when you’re moving is to hire a good moving company experienced, reputable, trustworthy, and affordable. This is especially true when you’re moving long-distance with plenty of high-value items, and you don’t have any previous move-related experience or reliable friends to count on. What better way to handle the stress of moving than to let experienced movers help you out with the most difficult aspects of the residential move? This way, you’ll be left with enough time to do a number of important de-stressing tasks such as saying goodbye to your family, friends, and even favorite places.

6. Try yoga, meditation, and physical activities: The mental and physical benefits of exercise are no secret. Exercise cuts down stress releases endorphins, and adds some pep to your step. Even as little as 30 minutes a day can relax your body and mind when going through a stressful time. Take a walk outside, go on a bike ride, practice yoga, or meditate.

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