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Traits That Make A Great Entrepreneur

Business owners have visions, focus, and determination that will take them anywhere they want to go. They also have strong leadership skills and how to motivate others around them.

When starting a business, these key components should be at the forefront of your mind as they pertain directly to success.

1. Discipline: Starting and operating a business is no easy feat. Unlike a traditional job where you often have upper-level management driving business objectives and keeping you accountable, being an entrepreneur requires the ability to hold yourself accountable when you don’t have a boss to do so. When an entrepreneur has self-discipline they are able to manage the urge to procrastinate and can take decisive action when needed.

2. Creativity: Companies that thrive are often built from the creativity of their creators. With aggressive competition these days, entrepreneurs are forced to come up with original ideas that differentiate their companies from others. Creativity can mean thinking of unique business ideas. It can also come into play when finding a relationship between two unrelated things to solve a problem. Creative entrepreneurs consider the possibility that the traditional solution isn’t good enough.

3. Robust work ethic: Successful entrepreneurs know a thing or two about work ethic. Most of the time, they’ll be the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave. If there’s unfinished business, they’ll show up at the office on weekends and holidays and work until the job is complete. These are the people who always have work on their minds, even if they’re enjoying personal time.

4. Eager to learn: No one knows everything. A new business doesn’t often have staff in every department due to a lack of funding. It takes time and resources to build a team. That means entrepreneurs need to learn everything from accounting to marketing from the get-go. This kind of experience is what makes accomplished entrepreneurs so well-rounded. They’ve seen it, been through it, and learned it all before.

5. Problem-solving: If you are always looking to get the job done, you must possess this skill set to circumvent any situation life throws your way. The most successful entrepreneurs go outside of their comfort zone to find solutions while keeping calm under pressure.

6. Strong leadership skills: While leadership attributes are essential for everyone, they become even more critical when running your own business. If you don’t have leadership skills, your team will not be able to work together effectively with the same vision and understanding of your entrepreneurial goals. In addition, without leadership skills, there won’t be any clear direction or motivation within the company.

7. Work-life balance: There seems to be a never-ending debate about whether entrepreneurs need a work-life balance. For many, the discussion is debatable because they believe entrepreneurs are too busy scaling their businesses to have much time for anything else. However, this can have significant consequences for entrepreneurs and businesses that depend on them. The entrepreneur’s life has always been full of challenges and sacrifices, but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should cut out family, friends, and health from their lives completely. Entrepreneurs are humans with needs, just like everyone else. They have personal goals they want to accomplish outside of work, families who rely on them, and friends they enjoy spending time with.

8. Team player: Managing a business requires a wide variety of skills, and a good entrepreneur needs to navigate the landscape full of diverse people they will work with. This means pushing past strengths in their own knowledge base and taking on responsibility from other areas and professionals as well. Being a team player also helps entrepreneurs stay connected with their employees and colleagues and keep up with industry news. In addition, an entrepreneur looking to build a larger team will understand how to delegate tasks and how an individual’s day-to-day tasks fit into the overall scheme of things.

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