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Why Plastic Boxes Should Be Your Top Choice When Packing Your Items for a Move

The first thing that automatically comes to your mind when planning a move is how to transport your items safely to your desired location. Habitually, when using professional movers in Nigeria, cardboard boxes for packing and moving various household items are probably the very first image that people get when the conversation centres on the topic of moving.

Truly, cardboard containers have become synonymous with the house moving process and that is to a number of good reasons like;

  • Cardboard boxes are fairly affordable
  • Extremely versatile
  • Very convenient, and easily accessible.
  • Cardboard is a 100% biodegradable material so the usage of cardboard containers just happens to be eco-friendly as well.

Thus, despite all the clear benefits of using cardboard boxes when moving, you will find out that the usage of plastic boxes for moving will work out even better for you during your own move.

Here are 5 reasons why plastic boxes should be your top choice when relocating;

1. They’re durable: Plastic containers are much sturdier than cardboard, lessening the chance that they will break during your move. While there is a risk that the plastic could crack if the container sustains a fall, the hard surface of the plastic will absorb the damage rather than your items. Being careful when transporting plastic boxes can help to reduce this risk.

2. They’re environmentally friendly: Because plastic containers can be reused, they significantly reduce the amount of waste you’ll have during and after your move. While it’s custom to throw away or recycle cardboard boxes, plastic bins can last forever. If you choose to purchase them for use during your move, you can even reuse them for storage within your home.

3. Plastic bins are waterproof: Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers are waterproof. Once their lids are closed securely, they are virtually water-tight and will keep whatever is packed inside them completely dry even if you have the bad luck of moving in the rain or moving in the wintertime.
It’s a big plus to choose plastic storage bins over standard moving boxes made of cardboard. Keep in mind that when cardboard boxes get wet, they become very vulnerable and can easily break even when the load inside them is not too heavy. So, you won’t have to worry about moisture getting inside the plastic containers for moving and damaging your possessions.

4. Plastic containers are stackable: Another advantage of using plastic boxes for moving is that they are stackable – that is, they stack well on a moving dolly and later inside the moving vehicle. And because of it, you should be able to arrange the bins neatly one on top of the other, thus maximizing the storage space in the truck. The majority of plastic containers have lids that are designed to fit perfectly the bottom of another identical container, thus enabling you to stack the plastic boxes higher without fear of them sliding and falling over. When you’re done moving, the plastic bins will nest inside one another which will save you plenty of storage space in the new home.

5. They come in different sizes and colours: These days, plastic bins come in every colour of the rainbow! This can be beneficial when unpacking as you can use different colours for different rooms of your home. This will make the daunting task of unpacking a breeze! They also come in many shapes and sizes so you are likely to find the right box for all of your items, big or small!

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